Captain Jacobs were born in 2011 from Matteo ( voice - rythm guitar ), Marco ( voice - lead guitar), Andrea ( bass ) and Alberto ( drums ) from Burn of Black.

They covered some songs from the most important and influential old band in the world like Kiss, Guns and Roses, Ozzy Osbourne and early band like Hardcore Superstar, Steel Panther and Black Label Society.

They start wrote all the songs together from Matteo and Gif’s ideas, mixing rock, hard rock and heavy metal genre. After one year Andrea left the band and in february 2012 Silvia became the new Captain Jacobs’ bass player.

With her, the sound became granitic and all the songs completely changed ; after many lives and competitions, they decided to record what they had written.

The Album came out from April to October 2012, it was recorded and mixing by Eddy Cavazza and Dualizzed from Dysfunction production; ten tracks where you can listen the energy of the band, pure hard rock style. 

Good Luck…You need It! is the first album after the first demo “ Rock or Die” where you can listen the first version of Here We Are, Fantasy Girl and Run Run Run.

In August they signed with Revalve Records a great Label in Italy. They gave confidence to us and in 21st October 2013 Good Luck…You Need it! Came out in Europe, United State and Japan. Soon they received great reviews

and in february 2014 with K2 Management they take off to Baltic Tour in Lithuania and Latvia for the album promotion.

In march 2014 they signed with K2 Management for promotion and lives in Italy and Europe. 
Since now they open lives for great international and national band as SKID ROW, LIVING DEAD LIGHTS, ADAM BOMB and REBEL DEVIL.